How it works

How it works

For Fans/Collectors

1.Discover a curated selection of high-quality affordable original artworks and NFT's by the most promising young artists of our generation

2.Choose your favorite art pieces

3.Pay securely online with Stripe, Paypal, Apple Pay or pay in several times with Klarna.

  • If you choose to buy an NFT, you will be redirected to a decentralised marketplace. You will need a wallet and enough Ethereum to purchase the art piece (e.g. Metamask). 

4.Receive your artwork with a digital Certificate of Authenticity registered in the Blockchain technology and signed by the artist 

5.Share your cool artwork on social media - don't forget to tag us 

6.Connect with your favorite artist on Instagram

For Artists

1.Sell your art and NFT's to a new audience through Art From Future's e-commerce platform and other decentralised marketplaces.

2.Benefit from top coaching and services to build your personal brand and increase your art sales on Instagram and other social media platforms such as

  • Audience development strategies
  • Content creation services
  • First steps in the NFT world
  • Paid targeted promotions

3.Get promoted to a global audience of art lovers and new buyers

4.Connect with your fans

Is it free? Yes it is. We only take a 35% commission on each art sale.

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