Série chasseurs - Serpent
Série chasseurs - Serpent
Série chasseurs - Serpent
Série chasseurs - Serpent

Hélène Amrouche

Série chasseurs - Serpent

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About the artwork

Hélène AmroucheSérie chasseurs - Serpent, 2019, gouache on paper, 42x29,7 cm

"Série chasseurs" is a series of drawings influenced by Mythology and tales, but also by the aesthetics of oriental miniatures. The characters in her drawings travel mountains and valleys, palaces and mazes, and they continue their adventures guided by their destiny.

What Art advisor, Catriona Gilmore, has to say about this artwork:

"The paintings by artist Hélène Amrouche are rich in mystery and hint at tales of travel and quests. Although careful to say it’s not an illustration of a particular myth, Hélène explained that ‘Serpent’ is representative of the types of characteristics snakes often take on in such stories.
This comes through in the playful and geometric feel it has to it. I think this would be accentuated by a coloured frame complementing the vibrant tones of the gouache – electric blue, maybe. I also imagine it at eye-level, propped on a shelf, so that you could really get up close to appreciate the subtleties of the jewel colours or the wiggles and triangles in the patterns." 


This is an original and unique artwork. Sold without a frame.

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