PRINT - C00L KID$ Imperial Brand
PRINT - C00L KID$ Imperial Brand
PRINT - C00L KID$ Imperial Brand

Laura Ma

PRINT - C00L KID$ Imperial Brand

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Laura Ma PRINT - C00L KID$ Imperial Brand, 2018, printed on aluminium, 90x60cm 

Limited-edition: 10

Published on CLICHE PARIS – (FR) – December 2017 
In Art, as Fashion, it is quite contemporary to assimilate and deconstruct the culture of the poor or the popular. On several levels, in Fashion from jeans to punk & streetwear and in Art with Pop Art & " ready-made ". Art culture loves to divert the symbols of consumption, Campbell soups for example.
This is a limited-edition and original artwork. Sold without a frame.

Each artwork is delivered with a digital certificate of authenticity registered via Blockchain technology made with Verisart, and signed by the artist. 

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