Laura Ma


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This is an NFT art and can only be purchased through OPENSEA.IO


Laura Ma Horschamps, Les eaux douces, 2021, NFT GIF

The NFT space & the art world generally need more women artists. In the most common museums around the world, 80% of the artworks represent women bodies as models or muses. But did you know that less than 5% of the artists in museums are women?

Let's change the game! 

HORSCHAMPS is inspired by the current global health crisis, how humans are capable of dematerialising themselves and tend to a numeric humanisation as HOMO NUMERICUS. The roots of this series are my own art photographs. I pick and divide my work, one for the shapes, one for the colors and with the help of an artificial intelligence, the A.I reprograms the pictures to create another one totally unique, according to the criteria that I have been programmed.