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Green composition
Green composition
Green composition

Green composition

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Elodie MarandonGreen composition, 2021, watercolor and gouache on paper, 18,6 x 33,9 cm

This artwork is inspired by the asiatic bird-and-flower paintings and Mughal miniatures. The artist played with the color by using various shades of green. The bird is partly painted with pearl Luster pigments to create a shimmering effect. It looks very precious, almost like a jewel, and many details have been painted. Elodie Marandon was fascinated by the feathers of the bird and wanted it to look like it's coming from a fairy tale. The plants that surround the bird seem fake, and they highlight the effect of the artificial nature.

Each artwork is delivered with a digital certificate of authenticity registered in the Blockchain technology made with Verisart, and signed by the artist. 

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