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Elisabeth Gomes Barradas, FACE OFF, 2017, photography Hasselblad 500 Latex prothesis, FX makeup, 50X70cm, Rennes 

Limited-edition: 20 photographs

 MODEL: @mevah

This series is inspired by the Freakshow Universe and facial expressions, as well as filters that we can see on Selfies (the duck face, the fish gape, the pout face and son on).

Through "Face off", Elisabeth tries to raise a problem: the opposition between an intentional physical distortion — coming from Snapchat and selfies — and an involuntary physical deformation, born from biological impairment.

Is an involuntary transformation less legitimate and accepted than a voluntary modification? Until where is it still “funny” to distort your face?

Each artwork is delivered with a digital certificate of authenticity registered in the Blockchain technology made with Verisart, and signed by the artist. 

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