Elisabeth Gomes Barradas


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Elisabeth Gomes Barradas

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About the artwork

  • Artist: Elisabeth Gomes Barradas
  • Title: Covers
  • Year of completion: 2021
  • Medium: analog photography
  • Support: fine art paper
  • Size: 40X60cm
  • Type: limited-edition artwork (20)
  • Frame: No
  • Authenticity: sold with a digital certificate of Authenticity made with Verisart
  • Signature: hand-signed by the artist


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More information

  • «record or perform a new version of (a song) originally performed by someone else.»
  • «Appearance, semblance, concealment opposed to realities they hide from view.»
    • Model: @alicialps_

    Elisabeth Gomes Barradas wanted to give a tribute to the ghetto fabulous style linked to the Rap & R'n'b movement from the 2000's. In fact, Elisabeth has been listening to Rihanna, Ashanti and Beyoncé since her youngest age hoping that one day she could become a celebrity, just like them. 

    Through this project of fake album covers, Elisabeth Gomes Barradas tries to trick the spectator. She wants them to believe that she captured the portraits of real celebrities from the 2000's.

    For this series, Elisabeth asked several people from her circle to give her a list of rap & r'n'b music they used to listen to in the 2000's. According to their playlist, lifestyle and story, she created a decor that suits perfectly with her models.

    The artist used an analog camera to give her photographs a sort of vintage style, just like the photographs, or album covers coming from the 2000's.

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