Sibylle Goldet


Sibylle Goldet is currently an art student at Villa Arson, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Art in Nice - France.

Wherever she goes, she draws. Whether she's in a bar, at home, or with friends, Sibylle's hand is constantly busy creating. She has this unstoppable drive that keeps pushing her to draw and paint. Her style is raw with no prior sketching. She likes to focus on what she sees and how she feels in the present moment. Her paintings and drawings are like screenshots of moments of the daily life. Through her art, she wants to highlight the beauty and power of simple moments, like putting an earring on, or when someone's struck by a particular feeling. 

"For me, she makes some kind of "drawn photographs". I can feel all the intensity of the emotions when she captures her scene in the form of a drawing. There is something very authentic in her works, whether it's her line, the chosen moment of life, the composition. I think that today, in the world in which we live, we can't escape the reality of everyday life as it catches up with us. Sybille Goldet’s works are a true testimony of our time, with a generation that lives in the present." Clara Herraiz

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