Elisabeth Gomes Barradas



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Elisabeth Gomes Barradas was born to cape Verdean immigrant parents and grew up in the working-class area of the Parisian suburbs. She studied in several renowned schools and Universities including at the University of Paris 8, l’Atelier des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris, and at l’École Européenne Supérieure d’Art de Bretagne in Rennes - where she obtained an MFA in 2019. Through her art, she wants to give new fonctions to the "futile", "pointless" and “cheap". Her overall work juggles between sociology and anthropology, where she tries to depict its political challenges and how multiculturalism can have an impact on personality development.

Elisabeth has been working on a project focused on the question of «colonization of body and mind through the media», a term closely linked to the European colonialism. This quote was used for the first time by the Afro-descending artist Daniel Dean. On the one hand, it shows how we were overexposed to the Western ideal of beauty with the rise of social media and new technologies. On the other, this term pinpoints the tension between social networks, standards and distortion. Elisabeth Gomes Barradas is interested in the physical changes due to extreme cosmetic surgeries, selfies and beauty trends. Through her artistic practice, she wants to show the transformation of the body which is a mirror of the time passing by. Elisabeth is interested in the culture coming from the African diaspora, in hyper-actual concepts such as the self-representation, the selfie. She works on the iconography, on popular figures and the influence of multiculturalism. For a long time, she’s been interested in the use and impact of art in the black community - that is much more present in the United States. Elisabeth Gomes Barradas has always been a huge fan of the Showbizz world, the Ghetto Fabulous, the glitter, the blingbling style coming from the Rap and RnB of the 2000’s. 
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