Diana Priscila Solis




Diana Priscila Solis is an artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada and Bologna, Italy. After  studying Art History in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and graduating from the Drawing  and Painting program of Florence Academy of Art in Italy, she has produced work for both  private collectors and commercial clients including Disney, Hollywood Records and Louis  Vuitton. Her work resides in both private and public collections in USA, Mexico, England and  Italy. 

About her art

Working predominantly with oil on canvas, her work focuses on representational  portraits and figures integrated into decorative, vivid imagery and fantastical elements. Her  main interests lie in the expressive complexities of texture and color anchored through a  human protagonist. 

Her paintings, rooted in 19th c. academic technique and inspired by contemporary illustration,  attempt to draw elements from both the very meticulous nature of the former and the  expressive, graphic characteristics of the latter. They depict very naturalistic figures in order to  establish the solemn nature of the subject matter, and contrast these with an environment of  whimsical, free-floating imagery, depicting the more abstract, uninhibited atmosphere in our  innate worlds.