Plant composition I
Plant composition I
Plant composition I
Plant composition I
Plant composition I

Elodie Marandon

Plant composition I

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About the artwork

Elodie MarandonPlant composition I2020, ink, watercolor and gouache on paper, 21 x 29 cm

This series was first inspired by botanical drawings. But Elodie Marandon's paintings do not aim to be realistic. She plays with the strange and fascinating shapes of the plants, and those impossible associations.

This series is also related to « Mono no aware », a Japanese concept that refers to the awareness that everything in existence is temporary. The represented vegetation looks graceful and fragile. Some of it grows, and some of it seems dry and dying. It is beautiful and sad at the same time.

This painting is a contemplative and melancholic dream about the ephemeral nature of Elodie Marandon's subjects.


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