Natalie Hamada

Natalie Hamada is a 27-year-old, Syrian-born, Helsinki-based visual artist. She has graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Printmaking in 2015 from the Faculty of Fine Arts at Damascus University. In 2019, she obtained a Master Degree in Printmaking from the same university. Then, the artist worked as a relief and silkscreen printing teacher for two yearsCurrently, Hamada is completing a Master Degree in Fine Arts at the Finnish Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki, Finland.

Natalie Hamada took part in many international exhibitions around Europe including in Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, and Finland. Her works are already part of public art collections including Kansan Sivistysrahasto Collection which is deposited to the Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki (KIASMA).


Hamada is passionate about the many different methods of Printmaking. Over time, Silkscreen and Relief printing have become a meaningful way to create her own expressions. She produces vibrant art, which can invoke a feeling of enjoyment overload; Hamada's approach is straightforward, personal, and colourful. It adopts the experimentation of multilayered sensibility of contemporary collage, where she selects, merges spontaneously, and juxtapose the differences. The artist enjoys the idea of how each element can fall into its place randomly as a kind of jigsaw

Natalie Hamada gets inspiration from her surroundings and brings a lot of herself to her works; her childhood memories and toys, handwritten letters, family pictures, half-remembered dreams, or sometimes even nightmares are good examples of her work starting points.  

Her process is very meticulous as she constructs each artwork by applying multiple scanty colour layers of hand-pulled prints, and within adding, wiping, obscuring, and carving, she can finally get at a composition for limited-edition prints with a rich and complex surface. Simply, she loves to experiment and see where the printmaking process can take her.

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