FARAH is a young self-taught artist and graphic designer from France. She studied business and worked for luxury brands before becoming a full-time artist in 2018. 

Since FARAH started posting her works on Instagram, she received a lot of attention from galleries and artists. In 2020, she had her first exhibition in Los Angeles with an American photographer who had met and took pictures of TUPAC. The project is still ongoing, and a second exhibition will take place in the following years.

"FARAH's works deal with the narcissism and self-centeredness associated with the ego in her art. Today’s society values the ego through consumerism and social media, which encourage us to show off our ego more and more. 

Bold, punchy and confrontational, French artist FARAH’s series ‘Kill Your Ego’ is a reflection on the concept of ego death and our relationships with the ego in society and mythology. FARAH’s work revolves around what the death of ego means. So while the works are softened by looping typography and dripping lines, they hint at complex underlying topics." by Catriona Gilmore