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Interview with Helene Auramo: Founder of Prönö

Founder, mother and visionary, meet Helene Auramo, a successful woman entrepreneur from Finland who co-founded multiple companies with one goal in mind: helping others reach their highest potential. For Helene, buying art shouldn’t just be seen as a financial investment, but as a way to reflect one's personality and to bring inspiration into our daily life. The young entrepreneur buys art regularly and loves to have art pieces in each room of her house and office. Having art on the walls is a way for Helene Auramo to be inspired on a daily basis and to bring real value to her life.

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Clara Herraiz, the French Art influencer reviving the art world

After being disappointed in the elitist and cold art industry, Clara decided to create content about contemporary art that would answer the demand of the new generation. And it worked. Every Wednesday, Clara publishes a Vlog on her IGTV channel about an exhibition happening in a Parisian art gallery. It's the perfect way to enjoy an art experience in the comfort of your home. She also posts short videos on her TikTok, where she explains the artwork of an artist in a very simple way for example.

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Desire for Art X Elodie Marandon

Making art accessible to everyone is our core mission and we are pleased to announce our first collaboration with young Art history expert: Anna from Desire for Art. During these last few weeks, Anna has worked with our artist Elodie Marandon to give you something special during these hard times: a simple yet qualitative analysis of her painting Black Lake - Nocturne. 

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