Cheryl Blossom's art collection

If you’re already part of Art From Future’s Instagram community then you’ve most probably participated in the co-creation of Cheryl Blossom’s art collection. A few weeks ago, you voted for the artworks that would best fit the hottest Riverdale character. 

If you feel like you missed out, no worries! We're going to co-create another collection very soon: follow us on Instagram to stay updated. 

What’s Riverdale?

Let’s start with the following: if you haven’t watched Riverdale on Netflix - then go watch it now!

Riverdale’s an American TV series based on the character of Archie Comics. It’s super dramatic and exciting at the same time - a sort of new version of “Twin peaks”. The story happens in a fictional city called “Riverdale'', and it centers around a group of high school students who experience the death of their classmate, Jason Blossom. Throughout the series, together they will try to figure out who killed Jason...!

Okay nice, but who’s Cheryl Blossom?

Cheryl Marjorie Blossom is a main character in Riverdale and is portrayed by actress Madelaine Petsch. She’s the daughter of the owners of a Maple syrup farm and the twin sister of Jason Blossom. She’s a rich kid who’s never held accountable for anything. If we had to describe her in a sentence: Cheryl is definitely a manipulative mean teenage girl. 

Beauty comes first. Cheryl Blossom puts a lot of effort into her looks. We’ll often see her wearing perfectly matching clothes, usually a check mini skirt with a basic sweater and luxurious high heels. Red is definitely her signature color. Her “Femme Fatale” style certainly makes her stand out from her friends - Betty Cooper & Veronica Lodge. But what makes her really special is her sassy attitude. She’s a bad girl and you really don’t want to mess with her.

Smart but rebellious. Cheryl doesn’t like studying but it doesn’t mean that she’s not intelligent. On the contrary, the character seems to have a high IQ as she always succeeds in manipulating people to get what she wants.

A NextGen figure. Cheryl Blossom is one of the coolest LGBTQ characters on TV. In fact, on the series she also talks about important issues in society such as homophobia. And she stopped being excessively mean and manipulative when she started dating a girl called Toni. 

The results 

Based on Art From Future’s Instagram community votes, Cheryl Blossom’s collection is mainly figurative with most of the artworks having been produced by female living artists.


1. Mostly figurative

Cheryl blossom's art collection art from future riverdale
2. Obviously! A painting by Chloe Wise 
Virgo triennal, 2017, © Chloe Wise. Photography by Rebecca Fanuele.
Courtesy of the artist and Almine Rech Gallery
Cheryl blossom's art collection art from future riverdale Chloe wise
3. A touch of abstraction with this amazing work by Anne Derivière.
Shop Anne's painting here.
Untitled, 2020, oil on canvas, 30x40 cm
Cheryl blossom's art collection art from future riverdale
4. Mark Ryden's "Tree of life" with the red-haired queen. Did you know that Cheryl Blossom's nickname is Queen B?
The Tree of Life (Mark Ryden, 2007, oil on canvas) framed original
Cheryl blossom's art collection art from future riverdale mark riden
oil paint and egg tempera on canvas, 2016, 216x354x6 cm
Cheryl blossom's art collection art from future riverdale the kid artist
6. Powerful just like Blake Kathryn's NFT of the wealthy heiress, Paris Hilton.
Iconic crypto queen
Cheryl blossom's art collection art from future riverdale