How to buy original affordable art online to decorate your apartment

Laura Ma photographer affordable original art from young artists buy art online art from future

Laura Ma, Alien way of life #2, 2019, photography printed on aluminium, 90x60cm, 580€

It’s 2021 baby, and it’s never been this EASY to buy original art online. The global pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of the art world, and the Internet is now full of choices. No more excuses! If traditional art galleries are too intimidating for you, then you might want to collect your art pieces from the comfort of your home via e-commerce platforms such as online art galleries, art shops or art marketplaces.

Decorate your home with a piece of History

Nothing is better than decorating your home with artworks that reflect your personality and inspire you on a daily basis. The global health crisis forced us to stay indoors for months, and it slowly became the new normal. Empty walls are definitely boring!

Actually, people have been decorating their interiors for centuries as a way to show off their personalities and social status. The Romans enjoyed displaying their wealth through their homes with expensive marble or wall art. In the Renaissance, the upper-class hung beautiful luxury carpets instead of having them on the floor. I mean, who wants to step on a Million euros carpet with dirty shoes, right? It’s only at the beginning of the 18th century, with the emergence of the Middle-class, that home decor became more popular. People started adding floral wallpaper, rugs, a few books and instruments inside their bedrooms.

Elisabeth Gomes Barradas photography affordable original art art from future
elisabeth gomes barras art from future affordable origine art

Contribute to a more sustainable art world, become a patreon

At Art From Future we dream of a more sustainable art world, meaning we encourage you to buy original art from young artists instead of mass produced posters. And there are so many BENEFITS of doing so. First, you support living artists to continue creating art. Buying their works help them get noticed by other potential art lovers or even neophytes. Second, it’s very rewarding to own a unique or limited-edition artwork that may increase in value over the years. Who knows, you might be the next star artist discoverer? Third, you make history by choosing to buy specific artworks. What if the artist you discovered ends up at the MOMA in New York?  Art is timeless, it’s NEVER a bad investment. 

Hélène Amrouche drawing affordable original art from young artist art from futureHélène Amrouche, Volcano, 2018, charcoal on paper, 71x102 cm, 475€

Start your art journey with Art From Future

Social media and e-commerce platforms like Art From Future are awesome because they offer an entertaining experience surrounding the art. Before buying, you can take the time to do your research through Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and the Art From Future blog. There might be some cool interviews, behind the scenes videos, influencer collaborations and more interesting content out there that will help you know more about your favorite artist. Don’t forget to connect with them, they won't bite! 

At Art From Future, we find the most talented young artists before anyone else and we sell a selection of their artworks through our e-commerce platform. We ONLY work with professional artists and promising art students. Therefore, we guarantee the authenticity and provenance of the artworks. 

art from future collaboration with art influencer imagine_moi Marie-Odile Falais Jessica Soueidi

Buy artworks within YOUR budget

Start with how much you are comfortable spending. Start slowly. Educate your eye. Look at as many artworks as you can. Again the Internet is full of art!  On Art From Future you can find affordable original artworks starting from 90€ - depending on the artists career stage, the artwork size and technique. 


sibylle godet painting affordable original paintings art from future

Sibylle Goldet, "Chris at the studio" (top left)/"Yellow glasses"(down right), 2021, oil on canvas, 10x10 cm, 90€ each 

Chris Jonathon drawing affordable original art abstract art from future

Chris Jonathon, Mother Nature, 2019, pen ink on paper, 9x6,5cm, 150€

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