Art explained: Elodie Marandon

Making art accessible to everyone is our core mission and we are pleased to announce our first collaboration with young Art history expert: Anna from Desire for Art.

During these last few weeks, Anna has worked with our artist Elodie Marandon to give you something special during these hard times: a simple yet qualitative analysis of her painting Black Lake - Nocturne

Elodie Marandon in her atelier


Black Lake - Nocturne analysis by Anna

“But my world fell apart, and all they could do, the whole universe, was to silently move on.” Those are the words of Khadija Rupa and in a very personal way they truly reflect what I saw in the painting of Elodie Marandon.

Intitled « Black Lake – Nocturne » it represents a white heron standing on the rocks of a lake’s coastOne of the first things to look at in a painted work is its format, horizontal or portrait, which may indicate the artist's intention. Here we are facing a portrait format, which is outside the academic standards, since it represents a landscape theme. This allows Elodie Marandon to draw our attention not to landscape’s details, but to the main actor: the heron. It is hidden in the right half of the painting and not in the center, which is a revealing detail that we will come back to later.

Elodie Marandon Black Lake Nocturne

 Black Lake - Nocturne, 2020, watercolor and gouache on paper, 29 x 20,5 cm

Let us now talk about the most striking element of the work: the omnipresence of the color blue. It permeates not only the water, but also the rocks, the mountains and even the bird. It exudes a certain feeling of melancholy, as when one has spent a whole night awake looking at nature, lost in thoughts, and the sun is about to wake up. We are immersed in an almost mystical atmosphere.

The calm of the scene is, depending on one's vision, broken or completed by the presence of the bird. Indeed, personally I perceive its presence as a fracture of the scene, since it is vertical, awake and imbued with a great strength of presence. This is different from the inertia of the landscape.

Moreover, according to certain beliefs, the heron's feathers would bring good news. This symbolism may be related to the white color of the bird, contrasting with the dark blue of the background. It is turned to the right, anchored on its legs and self-confident: it brings a positive change that will soon manifest itself.

Black Lake Nocturne Desire for art

By @desireforart

This interpretation is reinforced by the structuring lines of the painting, often parallel to the leaning head of the heron: the whole work tells us that the future lies to the right and that it is the bird that guides us there. Now we understand why this bird is positioned in the right half of the painting.

Thus, Black Lake - Nocturne is above all a message of hope, rebirth and forgiveness. It touches us by its symbolism of course, but also by the emotions we feel as soon as we look at it.

By Anna from Desire for Art.


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